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Frequenly Asked Questions

  1. How can you afford to pay me a Cash Rebate or offer me a FREE Move?
    Apartment communities pay us a locator commission, provided you list TexasApartmentPro.com as the sole referral agent on the guest card and leasing paperwork. We take a portion of that commission and offer it back to you in the form of a rebate or free move as a way of saying thanks for using our service.
  2. How do I get my Cash Rebate or FREE Move?
    Simply follow the steps outlined, located on our Reward Details page to be eligible.
  3. How long does it take to get my Cash Rebate?
    Approximately six to nine weeks from the time you report your lease or move in (whichever is later).
  4. How do I sign up?
    Simply go to our Sign Up page.
  5. I cannot remember my Username or Password?
    You will need your email address and then visit this page: Lost User/Pass.
  6. Who honors pricing and specials?
    Cash Rebates and FREE Moves are offered by TexasApartmentPro.com, not the community.
    Prices & Specials are those of the community. We do our best to keep them curent but please confirm with the community as they change frequently. TexasApartmentPro.com will honor the Cash Rebate and or FREE Move subject to regular restrictions but pricing and specials ultimately are at the discretion of the apartment community.
  7. Cash Rebate amount changed between when I first found a community and now?
    Communities change their locator commission rates all the time and thus our incentives change along with them. We cannot guarantee whether Cash Rebates will remain the same as it is purely a byproduct of the current locator commission being provided by the community.
  8. Can't find a particular community?
    If you are unable to find a community or know of a new development certainly send us a comment and we will work to get the community added to our database. Unfortunatly we will be unable to offer a Cash Rebate or FREE Move for that community as you did not find them on our site and that would violate the ethical standard of legitimate apartment locating.